Why Qualifications Matter for Appliance Repair Service

One of the challenges of being a homeowner is finding the best service providers to keep your house well maintained and comfortable. Although older houses might need more repairs over a given period of time, it often doesn’t take long for newer houses to need things like air conditioning service, furnace repair, and refrigeration repair, to name just a few. At some point, many homeowners also consider air duct cleaning – especially if they’re concerned about air quality issues in their homes. Regardless of the type of service professional, you’re looking for, factors like experience and certification should carry a lot of weight in the screening process.

Many homeowners are unaware that technicians who service, repair, or dispose of appliances that could release refrigerants into the atmosphere are required to pass an EPA-approved test. Whether you’re looking for a qualified technician to do freezer repair or air conditioner repair or provide any other kind of refrigeration service, making sure they’re EPA certified is a good standard practice. With the exception of apprentices who are closely supervised by a certified technician, certification is mandatory. Since the sale of ozone-depleting refrigerants is generally restricted to certified professionals, however, unauthorized technicians are few and far between.

If you’re a homeowner in the market for duct cleaning services, it’s helpful to know that the EPA does not certify cleaning companies. Although the EPA has not established standards for the duct profession, it does provide recommendations on choosing a reputable company.

For homeowners considering air duct cleaning services, the EPA’s Web site contains an extensive “post cleaning consumer checklist.” It also offers helpful information about chemical biocides, sealants, and duct contamination. At least seven states in the U.S. require duct cleaners to obtain special licenses, so that’s another important checkpoint to know about when talking with duct services in your area. If you really want to be thorough in researching potential red flags regarding any contractor or repair services, the Better Business Bureau’s Web site can be a worthwhile resource, too.

Whether the company you’re considering doing business with offers freezer repair, duct cleaning, or air conditioner repair, conducting some quick research can help make sure you get professionals who are qualified to offer the services you need.